Wrestling: Russia Completes Women’s Freestyle Team at World Olympic Qualification Tournament

Russia has completed its women’s freestyle wrestling roster on their final opportunity as nine more nations qualified quotas at the 2021 World Wrestling Qualification Tournament. The two finalists from each of the six events qualified a quota to compete at the games. The World Wrestling Qualification Tournament is currently being held in Sofia, Bulgaria from May 6th to May 9th 2021.

Going into the event, Russia had only qualified three out of six quotas, but thanks to the performance of its athletes they were able to qualify the three remaining places here. The -53kg was won by Olga Khoroshavtseva over Romania’s Andreea Ana, Veronika Chumikova was victorious in the -57kg against France’s Mathilde Riviere and in the -62kg Lyubov Ovcharova completed the Russian team as she won against Mongolia’s Khurelkhuugiin Bolortuyaa. The quota for Mongolia also meant the nation will be fielding a full women’s team. Along with Russia and Mongolia; China, Japan and the United States will send full women’s freestyle wrestling teams.

The other qualifiers include Ecuador’s Lucia Yepez and India’s Seema Bisla in the -50kg, Azerbaijan’s Elis Manolova and Bulgaria’s Mimi Hristova in the -68kg and Turkey’s Yasemin Adar and Ukraine’s Alla Belinska in the -76kg.

This completes the qualification process for women’s freestyle wrestling. The men’s Greco-Roman wrestling finals are scheduled to be held tomorrow as the event concludes.

Qualified Nations

Women’s Freestyle -50kg
* Ecuador
* India

Women’s Freestyle -53kg
* Romania
* Russia

Women’s Freestyle -57kg
* France
* Russia

Women’s Freestyle -62kg
* Mongolia
* Russia

Women’s Freestyle -68kg
* Azerbaijan
* Bulgaria

Women’s Freestyle -76kg
* Turkey
* Ukraine

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