Weightlifting: Tripartite Quotas Awarded Along With First Set of Reallocations

The tripartite commission has awarded the Olympic quotas for weightlifting. Originally, 4 men and 4 women quotas were available, but only three women’s quotas were awarded. Eligible nations were able to send applications in order to receive an invitation quota in various sports.

The quotas were awarded to American Samoa’s Tanumafili Jungblut (men’s -109kg), Malta’s Yasmin Zammit Stevens (women’s -64kg), Nauru’s Nancy Abouke (women’s -76kg), Oman’s Amur Al-Khanjari (men’s -81kg), Pakistan’s Talha Talib (men’s -67kg), Palestine’s Mohammed Hamada (men’s -96kg) and Tonga’s Kuinini Manumua (women’s +87kg).

Additionally, a few reallocations have occurred. The reallocated continental quotas were awarded to Albania’s Erkand Qerimaj (men’s -81kg), Austria’s Sarah Fischer (women’s +87kg) and Hungary’s Peter Nagy (men’s +109kg). The fourth women’s tripartite quota was reallocated to Moldova’s Elena Cilcic (women’s -87kg).

The final set of reallocations deal with withdrawals and suspensions. Ukraine’s Roman Zaitsev withdrew from the men’s -109kg while Greece’s Konstantina Benteli (women’s -59kg) was suspended and Romania as a whole was suspended causing Loredana-Elena Toma to be removed in the women’s -64kg. They were replaced by Lithuania’s Arnas Sidiskis, Germany’s Sabine Kusterer and Germany’s Lisa Marie Schweizer respectively.

The anti-doping process has yet to conclude so there may be some more reallocations, additionally, three men’s host quotas need to be reallocated.

Qualified Nations

Men’s -67kg
* Pakistan

Men’s -81kg
* Albania
* Oman

Men’s -96kg
* Palestine

Men’s -109kg
* American Samoa
* Lithuania

Men’s +109kg
* Hungary

Women’s -59kg
* Germany

Women’s -64kg
* Germany
* Malta

Women’s -76kg
* Nauru

Women’s -87kg
* Moldova

Women’s +87kg
* Austria
* Tonga

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