Weightlifting: Second Set of Reallocated Quotas Announced by IWF

Another set of weightlifting reallocations has been announced by the International Weightlifting Federation.

The three men’s host quotas were reallocated to the highest ranked nation not yet qualified, specifically Peru (men’s -61kg), Saudi Arabia (men’s -73kg) and the Netherlands (men’s +109kg).

Due to COVID-19, Samoa has decided not to send any of its domestic athletes to the Olympics which means all three of their weightlifting quotas were returned. Additionally, doping violations have caused Colombia, Turkey and Vietnam to have reduced quotas. Colombia was forced to return five quotas while Turkey and Vietnam returned one each.

Overall, those ten quotas were reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible athlete from the same event. This includes Brazil (women’s -49kg), Chinese Taipei (men’s -61kg and men’s -96kg), Great Britain (women’s -76kg), Greece (men’s -96kg), Iran (women’s +87kg), Italy (women’s -59kg), Kiribati (men’s -67kg), Mongolia (women’s -87kg) and Saudi Arabia (men’s -61kg).

The Anti-Doping Management Process still continues for weightlifting though with only a few open cases remaining we are close to getting a final list of Olympic qualifiers.

Qualified Nations

Men’s -61kg
* Chinese Taipei
* Peru
* Saudi Arabia

Men’s -67kg
* Kiribati

Men’s -73kg
* Saudi Arabia

Men’s -96kg
* Chinese Taipei
* Greece

Men’s +109kg
* Netherlands

Women’s -49kg
* Brazil

Women’s -59kg
* Italy

Women’s -76kg
* Great Britain

Women’s -87kg
* Mongolia

Women’s +87kg
* Iran

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