Volleyball: Venezuela Wins Tie-Breaker to Qualify to Second Men’s Olympic Tournament

In a tie-breaker, it was Venezuela who won the CSV Men’s Olympic Qualifier. Overall, four teams competed in a round robin tournament where the winner qualified to the Olympics. The CSV Men’s Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Mostazal, Chile from January 10th to January 12th 2020.

At the end of the round robin, three teams, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela had 2-1 records. All three teams had wins over Peru while Colombia defeated Venezuela 3-2, Venezuela won against Chile 3-1 and Chile defeated Colombia 3-1 during the final game of the tournament. Using the tie breaking formula, it was Venezuela who won the tournament and qualified to the Olympics thanks to having more points. Chile finished second and Colombia finished third.

This is Venezuela’s second appearance at the Olympics in men’s indoor volleyball. Their first appearance was in 2008 where they finished tied for ninth place and achieved a single victory.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Indoor Tournament
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