Volleyball: Six Nations Book Their Spot to the Women’s Indoor Tournament After Intercontinental Qualifier Wins

Six nations booked their spot to the Olympics after winning their respective pools at the 2019 Women’s Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournament. 24 nations were split into six groups around the globe with the winner booking their spot to the Olympics. The Women’s Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournament was held from August 1st to August 4th 2019.

Pool A was held in Wroclaw, Poland. Both Poland and Serbia won their first two matches, though Poland required all five sets to defeat Thailand. Despite Poland winning the first set Serbia would go on to win the next three sets to clinch an Olympic quota for the defending World Champions. Thailand finished third by defeating Puerto Rico 3-1.

Pool B was held in Ningbo, China. The pool came down to China and Turkey whom won their first two matches against the Czech Republic and Germany. China continued its undefeated streak and qualified to the Olympics by defeating Turkey in straight sets. Germany finished third by defeating the Czech Republic 3-0.

Pool C was held in Bossier City, United States. Bulgaria almost caused the largest upset between the six tournaments by defeating Argentina 3-1 and pushing the United States to five sets before losing the final set 15-10. The United States clinched the title thanks to a 3-0 victory over Argentina during the final set of games.

Pool D was held in Uberlandia, Brazil. Both Brazil and the Dominican Republic won their first two matches against Azerbaijan and Cameroon, though Brazil required five sets to defeat Azerbaijan. It looked as if Brazil was going to easily win the pool by going up two sets to the Dominican Republic, but the nation fought back to force a fifth and deciding set. Brazil however, survived the scare, winning the final set 15-10 to qualify to the Olympics. Azerbaijan finished third after defeating Cameroon 3-0.

Pool E was held in Kaliningrad, Russia. The pool saw Russia and South Korea win their two matches against Canada and Mexico. Despite going down 2-0 and facing multiple match points, Russia was able to comeback and force a fifth set where the proceeded to win it 15-11 and qualify to the Olympics. Canada finished third after defeating Mexico in straight sets.

Pool F was held in Catania, Italy. Both Italy and the Netherlands won their first two matches in straight sets against Belgium and Kenya. Italy became the only team to qualify to the Olympics by not being the top seed of the pool by defeating the Netherlands 3-0. Belgium finished third after defeating Kenya in straight sets.

Nations will have one more opportunity to qualify to the Olympics at their respective continental qualifiers to be held in 2020. The men’s intercontinental qualification tournament is expected to be held next week.

Qualified Nations

Women’s Indoor Volleyball
* Brazil
* China
* Italy
* Russia
* Serbia
* United States

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