Volleyball: CAVB Continental Cup Final Winners Morocco and Kenya to Represent Africa in Tokyo

Morocco and Kenya secured their spots to the Olympics after winning their respective events at the 2018-2020 CAVB Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final. Each team is made up of two beach volleyball pairs where they compete in a best of three matches. Eight teams reached the finals which took place right after the second round of this continental cup. The CAVB Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final was held in Agadir, Morocco from June 25th to June 27th 2021.

The most intriguing quarterfinal match in the men’s event was between Morocco and Egypt where the two nations had to go to a golden match. After splitting the first two sets, the final set saw Egypt forced to forfeit due to an injury. The other matches were won by Gambia, Ghana and Mozambique. Morocco required another golden match in the semifinals to defeat Gambia 2-1 while Mozambique defeated Ghana 2-0. The final and Olympic quota was won by Morocco who dispatched Mozambique 2-0.

The women’s event saw Morocco and Kenya pull off 2-0 victories over Cape Verde and Mozambique respectively while Egypt and Nigeria required a golden match to win 2-1 against Rwanda and Gambia respectively. Due to Egypt’s coach being diagnosed with COVID-19, the team was forced to forfeit allowing Nigeria to advance to the finals. The other semi-final match was won by Kenya who won the golden match to defeat Morocco 2-1. Kenya won the Olympic quota by defeating Nigeria 2-0 in the final.

This was the final opportunity for CAVB nations to qualify to the Olympics. The final beach volleyball quotas are to be decided over the weekend.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Beach Volleyball
* Morocco

Women’s Beach Volleyball
* Kenya

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