Volleyball: Australia and China Win 2018-20 AVC Continental Cup Final Titles

Australia and China won the Olympic quotas at the 2018-2020 AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final. Each team is made up of two beach volleyball pairs where they compete in a best of three matches. Eight teams reached the finals where they competed in a single elimination tournament. The AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final was held in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand from June 25th to June 27th 2021.

The largest upset of the tournament occurred in the quarter-finals of the men’s event where top seed China lost to Indonesia 2-1. Indonesia would prove that win was not a fluke as they went on to defeat New Zealand 2-0 to advance to the finals. They were joined by Australia who won against Iran in the semi-finals in straight matches. Indonesia’s underdog story would end here as Australia would claim the quota, winning 2-0.

Disaster struck again for China in the women’s event when their second team Wen Shuhui/Wang Jingzhe was forced to withdraw due to injury during their quarter-final match against Kazakhstan. This caused them to forfeit their match not only for this round, but for the entire tournament, forcing Xue Chen/Wang Xinxin to win both matches. Xue and Wang were up for the challenge as they defeated Kazakhstan and Australia 2-1 to advance to the final. They met Japan in the final who won 2-0 against Thailand in the semi-finals. The quota was won by China as Xue and Wang won both matches to win 2-1.

This was the final opportunity for AVC nations to qualify to the Olympics. The final beach volleyball quotas are to be decided over the weekend.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Beach Volleyball
* Australia

Women’s Beach Volleyball
* China

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