Taekwondo: Oceania Athletes Obtain Quotas After Qualification Tournament

Australia won four quotas at the 2020 Oceania Taekwondo Qualification Tournament. The winner from each event qualified a spot to compete at the Olympics. Additionally, all nations had to follow the maximum quota guidelines for taekwondo. The Oceania Taekwondo Qualification Tournament was held in Gold Coast, Australia on February 29th 2020.

Australia managed to qualify all four of their competitors at this tournament which included Safwan Khalil in the men’s -58kg, Jack Marton in men’s -80kg, Stacey Hymer in women’s -57kg and Reba Stewart in women’s +67kg. Tonga obtained their first quotas to the Olympics with victories in the men’s +80kg and women’s -67kg by Pita Taufatofua and Malia Paseka respectively. New Zealand obtained one quota in the men’s -68kg via Tom Burns.

No competitor competed in the women’s -49kg. The qualification document is a bit unclear as to what happens in this scenario. Logically, the quota could go to the highest ranked athlete in the Olympic Rankings which in this case would be Canada’s Yvette Yong, but it could also just as likely be used as a wild card entry. The next continent to have their qualifier is Pan America, set to be held in March.

Qualified Nations

Men’s -58kg
* Australia

Men’s -68kg
* New Zealand

Men’s -80kg
* Australia

Men’s +80kg
* Tonga

Women’s -49kg
* Not allocated

Women’s -57kg
* Australia

Women’s -67kg
* Tonga

Women’s +67kg
* Australia

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