Taekwondo: Final Pan American Quotas Decided on Second Day of Olympic Qualification Tournament

The second and final day of the 2020 Pan American Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament saw the remaining Olympic quotas decided. The finalists of the men’s -58kg, men’s -80kg, women’s -49kg and women’s -67kg qualified their nation to the games. The Pan American Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in San Jose, Costa Rica from March 11th to March 12th 2020.

The day saw four medalists from the 2019 World Championships qualify their nation, including Argentina’s Lucas Guzman in the men’s -58kg, Brazil’s Icaro Miguel Soares and the Dominican Republic’s Moises Hernandez in the men’s -80kg and Brazil’s Milena Titoneli in the women’s -67kg.

Along with Brazil, Colombia qualified two athletes thanks to the performances of Jefferson Ochoa and Andrea Ramirez in the men’s -58kg and women’s -49kg respectively. The other quotas were won by Puerto Rico’s Victoria Stambaugh in the women’s -49kg and Haiti’s Aliyah Shipman in the women’s -67kg. This is Haiti’s first quota for the 2020 Olympics.

This was the final opportunity for Pan American athletes to qualify to the Olympics. Overall, ten nations qualified at least one quota with Brazil and the Dominican Republic qualifying the most with three each.

Qualified Nations

Men’s -58kg
* Argentina
* Colombia

Men’s -80kg
* Brazil
* Dominican Republic

Women’s -49kg
* Colombia
* Puerto Rico

Women’s -67kg
* Brazil
* Haiti

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