Taekwondo: Eight Nations Qualify Quotas on Day 1 of European Qualifiers

Eight nations obtained the eight quotas up for grabs on the first day of the European Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament. The two finalists in the four events completed today obtained quotas for their nation, the final was not played. The event is currently being held in Sofia, Bulgaria from May 7th to May 8th 2021.

In the men’s -58kg, the Olympic quotas were won by 2019 World Championships bronze medalist Rui Braganca of Portugal whom defeated Bulgaria’s Daniel Ladzhev 26-14 and Hungary’s Omar Salim whom defeated France Cyrian Ravet 37-12 in the semi-finals. Salim is the gold medalist at the 2021 European Championships in the -54kg weight category.

2021 European champion, Adriana Cerezo of Spain qualified a spot in the women’s -49kg by winning against Romania’s Liana Musteata 16-3. The second quota was won by Israel’s Avishag Semberg whom defeated Ela Aydin of Germany 24-2 in the semi-finals.

The men’s -80kg quotas were won by Norway’s Richard Ordemann whom won against Portugal’s Julio Ferreira 8-5. The second quota was won by Italy’s Simone Alessio, the 2019 World Championship gold medalist in the -74kg weight category. He defeated Germany’s Tahir Gulec 21-2 in the semi-finals.

The qualifiers for the women’s -67kg were 2019 World Championships bronze medalists though for France’s Magda Wiet-Henin, she won her medal in the -62kg event. Wiet-Henin qualified by defeating Hungary’s Rebeka Furedi 6-5 in the semi-finals. The second qualifier was Azerbaijan’s Farida Azizova whom won against Ukraine’s Tetiana Tetereviatnykova 7-2.

This was the final opportunity for European athletes to qualify in these weight classes. The remaining Olympic weight classes will be held tomorrow.

Qualified Nations

Men’s -58kg
* Hungary
* Portugal

Men’s -80kg
* Italy
* Norway

Women’s -49kg
* Israel
* Spain

Women’s -67kg
* Azerbaijan
* France

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