Taekwondo: African Athletes Book Their Olympic Spots at Final Day of African Olympic Qualifier

The second and final day of the 2020 African Olympic Qualification Tournament saw eight more athletes from six nations qualify. The two finalists in the men’s -68kg and -80kg and women’s -57kg and +67kg qualified their nation to the Olympics. The African Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Rabat, Morocco from February 22nd to February 23rd 2020.

Egypt and Morocco were the big winners today as they qualified two athletes each. Egypt’s qualifiers were Abdelrahman Wael in the men’s -68kg and African Games silver medalist Seif Eissa whom went up a weight class to qualify in the men’s -80kg. Joining them in those events are Mali’s Seydou Fofana and Morocco’s Achraf Mahboubi who was the African Games silver medalist in the -80kg. Also, from Morocco was African Games gold medalist Nada Laaraj who qualified in the women’s -57kg along with the African Games bronze medalist Tekiath Ben Yessouf of Niger. Qualifying in the women’s +67kg were Africa Games silver and bronze medalist Faith Ogallo of Kenya and Aminata Traore of Cote d’Ivoire respectively.

Across the two days it was Egypt who was the big winner, qualifying all four of their competitors. Morocco was able to qualify three while Cote d’Ivoire qualified two to add to their total via the World Rankings. Seven more nations qualified one athlete each. The next continent to have their qualifier will be Oceania, scheduled to occur next week.

Qualified Nations

Men’s -68kg
* Egypt
* Mali

Men’s -80kg
* Egypt
* Morocco

Women’s -57kg
* Morocco
* Niger

Women’s +67kg
* Cote d’Ivoire
* Kenya

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