Table Tennis: Olympic Ranking List and Tripartite Quotas Awarded as Qualification Comes to an End

The publication of the June 2021 Olympic Ranking Lists and the awarding of the tripartite quotas has concluded the qualification process for table tennis. Athletes can earn points at various approved events since July 2019.

In mixed doubles the reallocation of the host quota went to Hungary’s Adam Szudi and Szandra Pergel, the highest ranked eligible pair in the Olympic Ranking List.

The singles quotas were awarded based on how many spots remained to reach the maximum sport total of 86 men and 86 women. In total 6 were awarded to the highest ranked eligible men while 10 went to the highest ranked eligible women.

On the men’s side the quotas went to Great Britain’s Liam Pitchford, Nigeria’s Quadri Aruna, Austria Robert Gardos, Belarus’ Vladimir Samsonov, Austria’s Daniel Habesohn and Kazakhstan’s Kirill Gerassimenko.

For the women, the quotas originally went to Ukraine’s Margaryta Pesotska, Sweden’s Matilda Ekholm, Czech Republic’s Hana Matelova, Slovakia’s Barbora Balazova, Netherlands’ Jie Li, Portugal’s Jieni Shao, Ukraine’s Ganna Gaponova, Italy’s Debora Vivarelli, Luxembourg’s Sarah De Nutte and Spain’s Galia Dvorak. However as of June 4th, Ekholm’s and Li’s quotas have been declined which mean they will be replaced by Switzerland’s Rachel Moret and Great Britain’s Tin-Tin Ho.

Only a single tripartite quota was available in each singles event. The quota was awarded to Togo’s Dodji Fanny and Guyana’s Chelsea Edghill.

All that remains is for the nations to accept their quotas. Most already have. The biggest question is whether or not North Korea will officially withdraw from the games. They are currently unofficially withdrawn and should that become official the women’s team quota will be reallocated to France and France’s two women’s singles quotas will be reallocated to the next highest ranked athletes at the European Qualification Tournament.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Singles
* Austria
* Austria
* Belarus
* Great Britain
* Kazakhstan
* Nigeria
* Togo (Tripartite)

Women’s Singles
* Czech Republic
* Great Britain
* Guyana (Tripartite)
* Italy
* Luxembourg
* Portugal
* Spain
* Slovakia
* Switzerland
* Ukraine
* Ukraine

Mixed Doubles
* Hungary

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