Table Tennis: Mixed Doubles World Tour Quotas Reallocated to May 2021 Olympic Rankings

The table tennis mixed doubles quotas originally allocated to be awarded at three World Tour events have been reallocated based on the May 2021 Olympic Ranking List. The first two world tour events had finalists already qualified while the final world tour event was postponed and then cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. In total five quotas have been reallocated to the highest ranked nations not yet qualified.

The spots have been awarded to South Korea (Lee Sang-su and Jeon Ji-hee), Slovakia (Lubomir Pistej and Barbora Balazova), Austria (Stefan Fegerl and Sofia Polcanova), France (Tristan Flore and Laura Gasnier) and Romania (Ovidiu Ionescu and Bernadette Szocs). Should the nation also be qualified in the men’s and/or women’s team event, the athlete must compete in the team event.

Update: France has elected to send their second ranked mixed doubles pair (Emmanuel Lebesson and Jia Nan Yuan).

One more mixed doubles quota remains. As the reallocated host nation quota, it will be awarded to the highest ranked eligible nation on the June 2021 Olympic Ranking List.

Qualified Nations

Mixed Doubles
* Austria
* France
* Romania
* Slovakia
* South Korea

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