Table Tennis: Egypt Defeats Nigeria to Claim Continental Mixed Doubles Quota

Egypt qualified in mixed double after the conclusion of the 2020 African Singles and Mixed Doubles Olympic Qualification Tournament. Only the victor of the event qualified their nation to the Olympics. The African Singles and Mixed Doubles Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Tunis, Tunisia from February 27th to February 29th 2020.

Eight doubles teams participated in a single elimination bracket. The top two seeds, Egypt’s Omar Assar and Dina Meshref and Nigeria’s Seguna Toriola and Olufunke Oshonaike met in the final as they won their first two rounds in straight sets. Egypt defeated Djibouti and Tunisia while Nigeria defeated Kenya and Algeria to reach the finals. Egypt showed why it was the regional dominant force by defeating their rivals in straight sets to qualify to the Olympics.

As Egypt has already qualified to both team events the selected athletes in mixed doubles must also compete in the team event. Unqualified doubles teams will have more opportunities to qualify via the Qatar and Japan World Tour Opens and through the world rankings.

Qualified Nations

Mixed Doubles
* Egypt

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