Sport Climbing: Six More Qualifiers in Women’s Combined as World Olympic Qualifier Comes to a Close

A dramatic final between two Slovenian athletes occurred to determine the final Olympic quota at the 2019 World Olympic Combined Qualifier. Additionally, the top six eligible athletes in the women’s combined qualified to the Olympics. The World Olympic Combined Qualifier was held in Toulouse, France from November 28th to December 1st 2019.

The qualification round was won by Japan’s Ai Mori whom thanks to a first place in lead and second place in bouldering, she finished with a score of 44 points, just one more than Slovenia’s Lucka Rakovec whom won the bouldering segment. By reaching the finals, Italy’s Laura Rogora, France’s Julia Chanourdie, Russia’s Iuliia Kaplina and the United States’ Kyra Condie qualified to the Olympics along with ninth place finisher Song Yiling of China. The final Olympic quota will go to Slovenia with Rakovec and Mia Krampl fighting for it in the finals.

The final saw the speed portion won by Kaplina, but it was Japan’s Futuba Ita whom took the lead after the bouldering thanks to a first place finish. Despite finishing seventh in the lead Ita was still the overall leader as she won gold with a score of 28 points. The final Olympic quota between Rakovec and Krampl was decided in the lead where Krampl’s first place finish was enough to secure a higher placing over Rakovec. Slovenia was only eligible to obtain one quota as Janja Garnbret won a quota previously. The silver and bronze medals were won by Chanourdie and Krampl respectively.

The respective continental championships in 2020 will be the final opportunity for unqualified athletes to qualify a spot in this event.

Qualified Nations

Women’s Combined
* China
* France
* Italy
* Russia
* Slovenia
* United States

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