Sport Climbing: Narasaki Wins Men’s Combined Gold With Strong Overall Performance

One day after the women competed the quotas for the men’s combined have been decided at the 2019 Sport Climbing World Championships. Thanks to the reallocation of the host nation quota, eight spots were available to the top eight athletes, with a maximum of two quotas for one nation. The Sport Climbing World Championships was held in Hachioji, Japan from August 11th to August 21st 2019.

Twenty athletes whom had the best combined scores from the bouldering, lead and speed events were eligible to compete in the combined event. By winning the lead and bouldering portions the best performing athlete was Germany’s Alexander Megos whom finished with a total score of 17. Austria’s Jakob Schubert finished second thanks to finishing behind Megos in the lead and bouldering. He finished with a total score of 60 points. Eight athletes advanced to the final.

Due to a finger injury Megos had to pull out mid-way through the final. The winner of the event was Japan’s Tomoa Narasaki whom performed well in all three disciplines where he won the bouldering and finished second in the lead and speed to finish with a total of 4 points and the gold medal. Schubert won silver (35 points) while the bronze medal went to Kazakhstan’s Rishat Khailbullin (40 points). Also qualifying to the Olympics were Kai Harada (Japan), Mickael Mawen (France), Alexander Megos (Germany), Ludovico Fossali (Italy) and Sean McColl (Canada).

The next opportunity for athletes to qualify their nation will be at the Olympic qualification event to be held later this year.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Combined
* Austria
* Canada
* France
* Germany
* Italy
* Japan
* Japan
* Kazakhstan

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