Sport Climbing: Host Russia Books Quotas at European Championships as Climbing Set to Make Its Olympic Debut

Russia used its home field advantage to win double gold in the combined events at the 2020 European Climbing Championships. The highest ranked eligible athlete in each event qualified their nation to the Olympics. The European Climbing Championships were held in Moscow, Russia from November 21st to November 29th 2020.

The qualification round of the men’s combined began with the speed portion where specialist Marcin Dzienski of Poland reached the top in a 5.84 second final. However, poor performances in the bouldering and lead portions ultimately meant he finished seventh. The bouldering portion saw a tie between Great Britain’s William Bosi and Israel’s Alex Khazanov while the latter’s compatriot, Yuval Shemla won the lead as he reached the top within the quickest time. However, none of them won the overall round as consistent performances by Switzerlands’ Sacha Lehmann gave him a point total of 54.

The final round again saw Dzienski top the speed portion, but poor bouldering and lead portions meant he finished sixth overall. The most meaningful change between rounds occurred during the bouldering portion where Russia’s Aleksei Rubtsov finished first. This along with consistent performances in the speed and lead allowed him to win the gold medal and the Olympic quota with a combined total of 20 points, just edging out Lehmann by four points. The bronze medal was won by Russia’s Sergei Luzhetskii (30 points).

The women’s combined saw Poland’s Patrycja Chudziak win the speed portion in the qualification round, but it was the Czech Republic’s Eliska Adamovska whom won both the bouldering (tied with two others) and lead portions to win the round with a total of 36 points, ahead of Serbia’s Stasa Gejo and Germany’s Hannah Meul.

However, Adamovska was unable to repeat that performance in the final as she finished the bouldering and lead portions in fourth and second respectively, ultimately finishing in third. Going into the lead portion it was Gejo whom led all athletes, but a combination of a fifth-place finish along with Russia’s Viktoriia Meshkova first place finish allowed the latter to win the gold medal and the Olympic quota with a point total of 12 against Gejo’s 15 points.

This was the final opportunity for European nations to qualify in sport climbing. The next continents which held their continental qualifiers were Africa and Oceania in December.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Combined
* Russia

Women’s Combined
* Russia

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