Sport Climbing: Fujii Wins Gold as Six Others Qualify to Olympics at World Combined Qualifier

A good performance in the lead and bouldering allowed Japan’s Kokoro Fujii to win gold at the 2019 World Combined Olympic Qualifier as sport climbing looks to make its Olympic debut. The top six eligible athletes in the men’s combined qualified to the Olympics. The World Combined Olympic Qualifier is currently being held in Toulouse, France from November 28th to December 1st 2019.

The qualification round was won by 2018 World champion Adam Ondra of the Czech Republic. Ondra was the best performing athlete in the lead while he finished second in bouldering to end the round with an overall total of 28 points. Second was China’s Pan Yufei whom finished the round with 49 points, thanks to his first place finish in bouldering. As only six eligible athletes reached the final the following along with Ondra and Pan qualified to the Olympics; Spain’s Alberto Gines, Germany’s Jan Hojer, France’s Bassa Mawem and the United States’ Nathaniel Coleman.

The final saw speed specialist Mawem win the first stage, but an eighth place finish in the bouldering allowed Japan’s Meichi Narasaki to take the lead. However, a poor performance in the lead allowed Fujii to win the gold thanks to a second place finish in both the bouldering and lead as he finished with a total score of 20 points. Ondra won the silver with 24 points while the bronze went to Narasaki whom had 28 points.

The respective continental championships in 2020 will be the final opportunity for unqualified athletes to qualify a spot in this event. The final for the women’s combined is schedule to be held tomorrow.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Combined
* China
* Czech Republic
* France
* Germany
* Spain
* United States

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