Shooting: Tripartite Commission Awards 16 Quotas Across Seven Events

The tripartite commission has awarded its first set of shooting quotas. In total, they have revealed 16/24 selections. Eligible nations were able to send applications in order to receive an invitation quota in various sports.

Originally, the tripartite quotas were suppose to be given two per event, but due to the lack of applications, some quotas were transferred to the other event within the same weapon. In short, one quota in the men’s and women’s 50m rifle 3 positions was transferred to the men’s and women’s 10m air rifle, one quota in women’s 25m pistol was transferred to the women’s 10m air pistol and both quotas in the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol was transferred to the men’s 10m air pistol.

The 16 nations which were awarded the quota were Afghanistan (Mahdi Shojaei, men’s 10m air rifle), Albania (Manuela Delilaj, women’s 10m air pistol), Aruba (Philip Elhage, men’s 10m air pistol), Bangladesh (Abdullah Baki, men’s 10m air rifle), Bhutan (Lenchu Kunzang, women’s 10m air rifle), Iraq (Fatimah Al-Kaabi, women’s 10m air pistol), Kosovo (Drilon Ibrahimi, men’s 10m air rifle), Malta (Eleanor Bezzina, women’s 25m pistol), Myanmar (Ye Tun Naung, men’s 10m air pistol), Nicaragua (Edwin Barberena, men’s 10m air pistol), Nepal (Kalpana Pariyar, women’s 10m air rifle), North Macedonia (Borjan Brankovski, men’s 10m air pistol), Oman (Hamed Alkatri, men’s 50m rifle 3 positions), San Marino (Gian Marco Berti, men’s trap), Sri Lanka (Tehani Egodawela, women’s 10m air rifle) and Yemen (Yasameen Al Raimi, women’s 10m air pistol).

Additionally, San Marino will also be eligible to compete in the mixed team trap event thanks to already having a quota in the women’s trap. Eight more tripartite quotas remain, specifically in the women’s 50m rifle 3 positions (1), men’s trap (1), women’s trap (2), men’s skeet (2) and women’s skeet (2).

Qualified Nations

Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
* Oman

Men’s 10m Air Rifle
* Afghanistan
* Bangladesh
* Kosovo

Women’s 10m Air Rifle
* Bhutan
* Nepal
* Sri Lanka

Women’s 25m Pistol
* Malta

Men’s 10m Air Pistol
* Aruba
* Myanmar
* Nicaragua
* North Macedonia

Women’s 10m Air Pistol
* Albania
* Iraq
* Yemen

Men’s Trap
* San Marino

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