Shooting: Six Nations Book Their Spots to the Olympics at the 25/50m European Championships

The Olympic quotas were decided today at the 2019 European 25/50m Shooting Championships. In total, eight quotas, two in each event were awarded to the nation with the highest ranked eligible athlete. The European 25/50m Shooting Championships is currently being held in Bologna, Italy from September 12th to September 23rd 2019.

The women’s 50m rifle 3 positions qualification saw both Switzerland’s Nina Christen and Serbia’s Sanja Vukasinovic finish equal with 1184 points. Christen ended as the top seed due to hitting more inner 10s. The final was won by Christen as she took the overall lead going into the eliminations round and held to finish with a total score of 460.6. The silver medal and Olympic quota was won by Belarus’ Maria Martynova while the bronze medal was won by Norway’s Jenny Stene. The second Olympic quota was won by Denmark’s Stine Nielsen whom finished sixth.

The qualification round of the men’s 50m rifle 3 positions was won by Norway’s Simon Claussen whom finished with a score of 1182, two more than his compatriot Henrik Larsen. The final however saw the lead during the elimination stage flip between the Czech Republic’s Filip Nepejchal and his compatriot Petr Nymbursky. On the final shot it was Nymbursky whom won the title and Olympic quota, winning by 0.4 points with a total of 457.9. The bronze medal was won by Norway’s Jon-Hermann Hegg while the second Olympic quota was won by fifth place finisher Lorenzo Bacci of Italy.

A strong rapid stage allowed Germany’s Doreen Vennekamp to win the qualification round of the women’s 25m pistol, finishing with a total of 591. This was one more than Greece’s Anna Korakaki and her compatriot Monika Karsch. The final saw Hungary’s Veronika Major take an early lead, but she was eventually surpassed by Karsch as she went on to win gold with a score of 37, four more than Major. The bronze medal and Olympic quota was won by France’s Mathilde Lamolle while the second Olympic quota was won by her compatriot Celine Goberville whom finished seventh.

The qualification round of the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol was won by France’s Clement Bessaguet whom finished with 588, one more than Germany’s Christian Reitz. As only two eligible athletes reached the final the Olympic quotas were won by Azerbaijan’s Ruslan Lunev and Italy’s Riccardo Mazzetti. In the final it was Reitz who held the lead going into the elimination round, but he was eventually surpassed by Mazzetti who won the gold medal with a score of 34, three more than Reitz. The bronze medal was won by Russia’s Nikita Sukhanov.

The next opportunity for European nations to qualify in these events will be at the European qualification event, currently scheduled for May 2020.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
* Czech Republic
* Italy

Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
* Azerbaijan
* Italy

Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
* Belarus
* Denmark

Women’s 25m Pistol
* France
* France

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