Shooting: Lamolle Crowned European Champion After Comeback in Women’s 25m Pistol

Lamolle was crowned European champion in the women’s 25m pistol at the 2021 European Shooting Championships. The event also doubled as the final Olympic qualification event where the highest ranked eligible athlete qualified their nation to the games. The European Shooting Championships are currently being held in Osijek, Croatia from May 20th to June 6th 2021.

The qualification round was won by Austria’s Sylvia Steiner whom finished with a total of 590 points. This was two more than Ukraine’s Olena Kostevych and Russia’s Vitalina Batsarashkina. As the only eligible athlete to reach the final, the Olympic quota was awarded to Russia’s Margarita Chernousova.

Chournousova would begin the final with the lead, but a pair of poor shots during the middle portion of the elimination round allowed Germany’s Monika Karsch to overtake her. Karsch was then surpassed in the penultimate round by France’s Mathilde Lamolle whom held on to win gold over Karsch. The bronze medal was won by Batsarashkina.

This was the final opportunity for nations to qualify in this event outside of the tripartite invitations and quota reallocations. The next event to have Olympic quotas to be decided will be the men’s and women’s trap set to conclude tomorrow.

Qualified Nations

Women’s 25m Pistol
* Russia

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