Shooting: Kamenskiy Wins Second Medal at Rifle/Pistol World Cup

Sergey Kamenskiy of Russia won his second medal overall in the men’s 10m air rifle at the first 2019 Rifle/Pistol World Cup event. In terms of Olympic qualification, the top two eligible athletes qualified their nation to the Olympics. The Rifle/ Pistol World Cup event is currently being held in New Delhi, India from February 20th to February 28th 2019.

The qualification round of the men’s 10m air rifle was topped by China’s Liu Yukun whom finished with a score of 630.1, ahead of his compatriot Hui Zicheng. The final began with Hui taking the initial lead going into the elimination stage, but got overtaken by the defending world champion Kamenskiy and Liu where he ultimately finished third. A series of great shots towards the end gave Kamenskiy the lead he needed to win the title over Liu with a score of 249.4.

As Kamsenskiy and third place Hui have already qualified their nation, the Olympic quotas were won by second place Liu for China and fourth place Martin Strempfl for Austria. The World Cup continues tomorrow with two more events offering Olympic quotas.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 10m Air Rifle
* Austria
* China

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