Shooting: First Set of Reallocated Quotas Confirmed by ISSF

The first set of reallocated shooting quotas have been revealed. These quotas were returned back to the ISSF for a variety of reasons. This includes quotas not allocated by the tripartite committee, quotas in events where the host nation qualified normally, continental quotas where the MQS was not reached and the two quotas earned by North Korea who subsequently withdrew from the Olympics.

The reallocation process states that these quotas will be given to the athlete with the highest minimum qualification score (MQS) in the same event from a nation which did not qualify any shooting quotas.

Of the 18 available quotas, 16 were reallocated to Armenia (women’s 10m air pistol), Bahrain (women’s skeet), Colombia (men’s 25m rapid fire pistol), Hong Kong (men’s 25m rapid fire pistol), Ireland (men’s trap), Jordan (women’s trap), Malaysia (women’s 50m rifle 3 positions), the Netherlands (men’s 10m air rifle), Puerto Rico (women’s 50m rifle 3 positions), Saudi Arabia (men’s skeet), Senegal (women’s skeet), the United Arab Emirates (men’s skeet), Uruguay (women’s 10m air pistol), Uzbekistan (women’s 50m rifle 3 positions), Venezuela (men’s 50m rifle 3 positions) and Vietnam (men’s 10m air pistol).

Two quotas in the women’s trap were not allocated at this time. This is because there are no eligible nations remaining in this event and the qualification document does not state how they will be reallocated. The ISSF will either award nations with quotas in women’s trap or perhaps transfer them to a different event.

A second set of reallocations will happen in the future, likely involving the two remaining quotas and any other quotas returned by nations as they construct their shooting teams.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
* Venezuela

Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
* Malaysia
* Puerto Rico
* Uzbekistan

Men’s 10m Air Rifle
* Netherlands

Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
* Colombia
* Hong Kong

Men’s 10m Air Pistol
* Vietnam

Women’s 10m Air Pistol
* Armenia
* Uruguay

Men’s Trap
* Ireland

Women’s Trap
* Jordan

Men’s Skeet
* Saudi Arabia
* United Arab Emirates

Women’s Skeet
* Bahrain
* Senegal

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