Shooting: Final Day of Events at Oceania Championships Saw Quotas Awarded to Australia and New Zealand

The final day of events at the 2019 Oceania Shooting Championships saw medals being awarded in the men’s rapid fire pistol and men’s and women’s trap. In terms of Olympic qualification, the highest ranked eligible athlete in those events qualified to the games. In addition, all athletes whom qualify a quota for their nation must reach the Minimum Qualification Score (MQS) during the competition. The Oceania Shooting Championships was held in Sydney, Australia from November 1st to November 9th 2019.

The qualification round of the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol was won by Australia’s Sergei Evglevski whom finished the round with a total of 578, this was eleven points higher than his compatriot Thomas Ashmore. Evglevski would repeat that dominance in the final where at one point he held an eleven point lead over the field. He would go on to win gold and the Olympic quota with a score of 30. Ashmore won the silver medal while the bronze was won by New Zealand’s Thomas Nobes.

Australia’s Adam Vella was the best performing athlete in the men’s trap qualification where he hit 121/125 targets, edging out his compatriot Mitchell Iles by two hits. However, a poor finals performance left Vella finishing in sixth. This allowed Iles to win gold and the Olympic quota for his nation as he hit 43/50 targets. The silver and bronze medals were won by Australia’s Daniel Di Pietro and New Zealand Owen Robinson respectively. By winning this quota Australia is now eligible to compete with a second team in the mixed team trap event.

A very strong second day allowed New Zealand’s Natalie Rooney to top all athletes in the qualification round of the women’s trap where she hit 115/125 targets. This was three more than Australia’s Lisa Smith. The final again came down to Rooney and Smith where Rooney held a slim one point lead going into the final set. She was able to hit four targets to Smith’s single allowing her to win the event and Olympic quota. The bronze medal was won by Australia’s Breanna Collins.

All selected athletes must achieve the MQS in an eligible event order to compete at the Olympics. Overall, Australia won 11 quotas while New Zealand won a single spot to compete.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
* Australia

Men’s Trap
* Australia

Women’s Trap
* New Zealand

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