Shooting: Final Day of African Championships Saw Quotas Awarded in Three Events

The final events and Olympic quotas were awarded today at the 2019 African Shooting Championships. The highest ranked eligible athlete in the women’s 50m rifle 3 positions and men’s and women’s skeet qualified their nation to the Olympics. In addition, all athletes whom qualify a quota for their nation must reach the Minimum Qualification Score (MQS) during the competition. The African Shooting Championships was held in Tipasa, Algeria from November 17th to November 25th 2019.

The qualification round of the women’s 50m rifle 3 positions was won by Egypt’s Alzahraa Shaban whom finished with a score of 1127. This was five points ahead of her compatriot Merna Tayee. The final mostly came down to these two athletes where Tayee held a massive 6.6 point lead going into the standing portion. A few errors caused the lead to shrink 0.7 as the event entered the elimination stage. Errors on both sides allowed Tayee to hold a 0.2 point lead over Shaban, but a 6.9 point final shot allowed Shaban to win the event and Olympic quota as she obtained a score of 436.3. The bronze medal was won by Mai Zaki whom allowed Egypt to obtain the sweep.

Morocco’s Ibtissam Marirhi won the qualification round of the women’s skeet where she hit 111/125 targets. As she was the only athlete to reach the MQS she automatically qualified her nation to the Olympics. Marirhi followed up her qualifying performance by winning the gold medal as she hit 44/60 targets. Egypt’s Amira Aboushokka won the silver medal while Morocco’s Yasmina Mesfioui won the bronze medal.

Similarly, to the women’s skeet only one athlete reached the MQS during the qualification round of the men’s skeet. Egypt’s Mostafa Hamdy hit 116/125 targets to qualify his nation to the Olympics. Unlike the women’s skeet the final came down to a shoot-off as Hamdy and his compatriot Sarkis Martayan finished leveled on hits as both athletes hit 53/60 targets. The shoot-off went to a fourteenth round where Martayan missed, allowing Hamdy to win the gold medal. The bronze medal was won by Senegal’s Clement Fakhoury.

All selected athletes must achieve the MQS in an eligible event order to compete at the Olympics. Overall, Egypt won ten quotas, showcasing their regional strength in this sport. Tunisia and Morocco won two and one quotas respectively. The final opportunity for African nations to qualify will be via the Olympic rankings. The final remaining continent yet to complete their continental qualifiers is Europe with events to be held in 2020.

Qualified Nations

Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
* Egypt

Men’s Skeet
* Egypt

Women’s Skeet
* Morocco

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