Shooting: 10m Events Conclude at European Championships With Olympic Quotas Awarded

Medals were awarded today in the 10m events at the 2021 European Shooting Championships. The event also doubled as the final Olympic qualification event where the two highest ranked eligible athletes in the 10m air rifle events and the highest ranked eligible athlete in the 10m air pistol events qualified their nation to the games. The European Shooting Championships are currently being held in Osijek, Croatia from May 20th to June 6th 2021.

The qualification round of the men’s 10m air rife was won by Russia’s Vladimir Maslennikov whom finished with a total of 631.8 points, 1.4 points ahead of 2019 European Games gold medalist Sergey Richter of Israel. Richter would lead for most of the final, but some great final shots by Hungary’s Istvan Peni led to both athletes to set a new European finals record of 251.3 points. In the ensuing shoot-off, it was Peni’s 10.7 which out performed Richter’s 10.3, allowing the former to win gold. Maslennikov won the bronze medal. The Olympic quotas were won by Serbia’s Milenko Sebic and the Czech Republic’s David Hrckulak. By qualifying here, both nations are now eligible to compete in the mixed team event.

The women’s 10m air rifle had a close qualification round with Slovenia’s Ziva Dvorsak edging Norway’s Jeanette Duestad by 0.2 points to finish with a score of 630.8. The final was similarly a close affair with Belgium’s Jessie Kaps, France’s Oceanne Muller and Italy’s Sofia Ceccarello all taking turns with the lead. Ultimately it was Muller whom won gold and the Olympic quota with 251.5 score. The second Olympic quota was won by silver medalist Kaps while the bronze medal went to Ceccarello.

Ukraine’s Oleh Omelchuk won the qualification round of the men’s 10m air pistol, scoring 586 points, two more than Russia’s Artem Chernousov. The final round was initially led by Italy’s Paolo Monna, but a couple of relatively poor shots during the elimination stage ultimately caused him to finish fifth. The event was won by Slovakia’s Juraj Tuzinsky. He held a 0.1 point lead against Russia’s Vadim Mukhametyanov going into his final two shots, but shot well enough to secure gold. Despite winning silver, Mukhametyanov obtained the Olympic quota. Third place went to Germany’s Robin Walter.

The final event of the day was the women’s 10m air pistol. The qualification round was won by Russia’s Vitalina Batsarashkina whom finished three points ahead of Georgia’s Nino Salukvadze with a total of 581 points. The final was initially led by France’s Celine Goberville, but a 7.8 shot early in the elimination round caused her to fall behind. She was overtaken by Germany’s Carina Wimmer who had an 8.0 shot of her own allowing Batsarashkina to take the lead. Going into the final two shots Batsarashkina held a 1.3 shot lead over Wimmer. The former shot two 10.0s as her final shots to make things more difficult. Wimmer would however, shoot a 10.9 and 10.7 to win gold and the Olympic quota with a total score of 242.3. The bronze was won by Goberville.

This was the final opportunity for nations to qualify in the 10m events outside of the tripartite invitations and quota reallocations. The next events to have Olympic quotas to be decided will be the men’s and women’s skeet set to conclude on Thursday.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 10m Air Rifle
* Czech Republic
* Serbia

Women’s 10m Air Rifle
* Belgium
* France

Men’s 10m Air Pistol
* Russia

Women’s 10m Air Pistol
* Germany

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