Sailing: Grael and Kunze Win Women’s 49erFX Gold After Medal Race Delay

After postponing the medal race for a day, Grael and Kunze upgraded their silver medal won in 2015 to gold in the women’s 49erFX. The Pan American Games also doubled as the continental qualifier for the women’s 49erFX. One quota for each continent goes to the highest ranked eligible nation. For the purpose of sailing Central and South America comprise of one continent while North America and the Caribbean comprise of a second. Sailing at the Pan American Games is currently being held in Lima, Peru from August 3rd to August 10th 2019.

The women’s 49erFX was dominated by Brazil’s Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze whom won nine out of the twelve main races while finishing second in the other three races as they created an insurmountable lead going into the medal race. They won gold with a total net score of 19. The Olympic quotas were won by the silver and bronze medalist Stephanie Roble and Margaret Shea of the United States (33 net points) and Victoria Travascio and Sol Branz of Argentina (34 net points) respectively.

As a reminder the 2019 World Championships will have priority over the continental qualifiers so if any of the above nations qualify there then the next highest ranked eligible nation here will qualify. That will be the final opportunity for Pan American nations to qualify in sailing to the Olympics.

Update: As Argentina and the United States qualified to the Olympic via the 2019 World Championships, the Olympic quota won here has been reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible nation, Peru and Canada respectively.

Qualified Nations

Women’s 49erFX
* Canada
* Peru

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