Sailing: Asian 470 Championships Concludes With Quotas Awarded in the Men’s and Women’s Event

The 2019 Asian 470 Championships concluded with quotas being awarded in the men’s and women’s event. The highest ranked eligible boat qualified their nation to the Olympics. The Asian 470 Championships was held in Shenzhen, China from December 16th to December 21st 2019.

After the initial races the men’s 470 was led by South Korea’s Park Gun-woo and Cho Sung-min, however a relatively poor eighth race ultimately turned the event into a three-way race with China’s Hao Lan and Yongji Yuan leading with 25 points, one and two more points than the Korean pair and Thailand’s Navee Thamsoontorn and Nut Butmarasri respectively. Thanks to a second place finish during the final race, Park and Cho won the event and Olympic quota with a total score of 26 points. The silver and bronze medals were won by THamsoontorn/Butmarasri and Hao/Yongji respectively.

The women’s 470 saw multiple boats from China jostling for the lead, but ultimately it was Fu Qian and Xu Yani whom thanks to a string of five first places in a row took control of the event and built up an insurmountable lead going into the final race. They won gold with a total score of 16 points while their compatriots Shi Jinxiu and Tu Yahan won silver while Jiang Xinyu and Shen Xinyu completed the sweep for China with the bronze medal. As China already won a quota to compete at the Olympics the spot went to fifth place finishers Nuraisyah Jamil and Juni Noor Jamali of Malaysia.

This was the final opportunity for Asian nations to qualify in the 470. The next continent to have its 470 qualifier will be Africa to be held in January.

Qualified Nations

Men’s 470
* South Korea

Women’s 470
* Malaysia

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