Rugby Sevens: Fiji Wins Fourth Men’s World Rugby Sevens Series

Defending Olympic champions, Fiji was triumphant at the 2018-19 World Men’s Rugby Sevens Series as they won their fourth title. In terms of Olympic qualification, the top four highest ranked nations at the end of the 10-leg series qualified to the Olympics. As clarification, only England can qualify Great Britain to the Olympics. The series began in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on November 30th 2018 and ended in Paris, France on June 2nd 2019.

The series saw three teams atop the leaderboard with Fiji, New Zealand and the United States all trading leads at one point during the first half of the series. By the end of five legs it was the United States which led all nations with 98 points, while New Zealand and Fiji were not too far behind with 93 and 84 points respectively. The fight for the final Olympic quota was between England and South Africa where the former led by one point at the half-way mark.

During the second half, Fiji would gain on the United States and overtook the lead after the penultimate leg, leading the United States 164-162. New Zealand fell off the pace, but was comfortably in third place with 143 points while South Africa took control of the final quota place over England leading the nation 131-109. The overall title was decided in the semi-final of the Paris leg where Fiji defeated the United States 33-14 on route to winning the leg. The overall score for the nation was 186 points, the United States finished second overall, their best ever showing with an overall score of 177 while New Zealand finished third with a score of 162. South African grabbed the final Olympic quota by finishing with a score of 148.

Overall Fiji won five legs (Cape Town, Hamilton, Hong Kong, London and Paris), New Zealand and South Africa won two legs each (Dubai and Sydney and Vancouver and Singapore respectively) and the United States won one leg (Las Vegas). The next opportunity for nations to qualify will be at their respective continental qualifiers.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Tournament
* Fiji
* New Zealand
* South Africa
* United States

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