Rowing: Asian/Oceania Qualification Regatta Concludes With Four Golds to Japan, Quotas Remain Undetermined

The Asian/Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta concluded today. Nations which so far qualified one or fewer boats were eligible to compete for quotas in the single sculls and lightweight double sculls where the five and three highest ranked eligible boats respectively qualified. A nation can only qualify one boat, unless they finished first and haven’t qualified a boat in which case, they can qualify two. Should a nation be eligible for more than one boat, the highest ranked boat will be selected or they must choose one should they both have the same rank. The Asian/Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta was held in Tokyo, Japan from May 5th to May 7th 2021.

Japan topped the medal table by winning all four events. In the men’s lightweight double sculls Naoki Furuta and Mitsuo Nishimura won the event with a time 6:34.70, over two seconds ahead of India’s Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh (6:36.92) while Uzbekistan’s Shakhboz Kholmurzaev and Sobirjon Safaroliyev (6:38.27) won bronze. On the women’s side Chiaki Tomita and Ayami Oishi finished with a time of 7:15.84 with silver and bronze going to Vietnam’s Luong Thi Thao and Dinh Thi Hao (7:17.34) and Iran’s Zeinab Norouzi and Kimia Zarei (7:23.86) respectively.

In the men’s single sculls Ryuta Arakawa won gold with a time of 7:01.59, over seven seconds ahead of Iran’s Bahman Nasiri (7:08.98) while Kazakhstan’s Vladislav Yakovlev won bronze (7:09.85). Similarly, in the women’s single sculls Japan’s Shiho Yonekawa was also on another level of her competitors as she too finished over seven seconds ahead of her competitors (7:43.13). The silver and bronze medals were won by Iran’s Nazanin Malaei (7:50.53) and Chinese Taiepi’s Huang Yi-ting (7:58.78) respectively.

The final decision on Olympic quotas will have to wait due to some nations having multiple athletes finishing with the same rank. Japan can only choose two boats while Iran can only pick one single sculls boat. Potentially, Indonesia may also have to choose a lightweight double sculls boat should Japan decide to pick both single sculls boats. Additionally, Japan’s single sculls host quotas may be reallocated should they choose a men’s and/or women’s boat. The host quota will go to the sixth ranked eligible single sculls boat.

The only nations with a guaranteed quota are Kazakhstan in men’s single sculls, Chinese Taipei in women’s single sculls, India and Uzbekistan in men’s lightweight double sculls and Vietnam in women’s lightweight double sculls. A follow up post will be made once a decision has been made.

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