Qualification Calendar

The path to the 2020 Olympics goes through the entire world. Many cities will host events which will allow nations to qualify athletes to the Olympics. Upcoming events are listed below. To see past or future events click on the world map to see events by continent.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus many events have been postponed or cancelled and thus this calendar may be outdated as updates continue.

Continent Names

Pan America Africa Asia Europe Oceania

Upcoming Events

Sport Event Location Date
Triathlon 2020 Mixed Relay Olympic Ranking 31 March
Fencing 2020 Olympic Ranking List 4 April
Fencing 2020 African Zone Qualifying Event Cairo, Egypt 15 April
Fencing 2020 Asian/Oceania Zone Qualifying Event Seoul, South Korea 15 – 16 April
Fencing 2020 American Zone Qualifying Event Panama City, Panama 18 – 19 April
Fencing 2020 European Zone Qualifying Event Madrid, Spain 18 – 19 April
Basketball 2020 3×3 Universality-drive Qualifying Tournament Budapest, Hungary 24 – 26 April
Badminton World Ranking List 30 April
Weightlifting Absolute Ranking List 30 April