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The United States made its first Summer Olympic appearance at the inaugural 1986 Olympics and has competed ever since, with the exception of 1980 where it led a boycott. The nation has hosted the Olympics four times in three cities; St. Louis (1904), Los Angeles (1932 & 1984) and Atlanta (1996). The United States sends one of the largest, if not the largest delegation of athletes to the Olympics with over 500 athletes appearing at each Olympics since 1984. The athletes compete in almost all sports available on the program and compete in a large majority of events.

The United States has won at least 20 medals at every Olympics it has participated in and has won over 2500 medals. The nation has finished at least in the top three on the medals table and finished as the top nation in a majority of the Olympics. The most successful sports include athletics, aquatics, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, shooting and rowing. The most successful athlete is swimmer Michael Phelps whom has won an Olympic record 28 medals, including 23 golds. The medals were won across four Olympics (2004-2016) and in the following events; men’s 200m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 200m individual medley, 400m individual medley, 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x200m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay. In 2016 the United States won 121 medals, its best non-host nation performance.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s Softball Monica Abbott
Alison Aguilar
Valerie Arioto
Kelly Barnhill
Kasey Cooper
Taylor Edwards
Rachel Garcia
Sahvanna Jaquish
Haylie McCleney
Kirsti Merritt
Michelle Moultrie
Aubree Munro
Danielle O’Toole
Janette Reed
Keilani Ricketts
Delaney Spaulding
Kelsey Stewart


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s Tournament Sue Bird
Tina Charles
Layshia Clarendon
Elena Delle Donne
Brittney Griner
Jewell Loyd
Nneka Ogwumike
Kelsey Plue
Breanna Stewart
Diana Taurasi
Morgan Tuck
A’ja Wilson


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Individual Dressage From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Dressage Steffen Peters
Horse: Suppenkasper
Adrienne Lyle
Horse: Salvino
Kasey Perry-Glass
Horse: Goerklintgaards
Laura Graves
Horse: Verdades
Individual Jumping From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Jumping Devin Ryan
Horse: Eddie Blue
Adrienne Sternlicht
Horse: Cristalline
Laura Kraut
Horse: Zeremonie
McLain Ward
Horse: Clinta


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s Individual Artistic Events From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Women’s Team Artistic All-Around Simone Biles
Kara Eaker
Morgan Hurd
Grace McCallum
Riley McCusker


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s Laser Charlie Buckingham
Women’s Laser Radial Paige Railey
Men’s 470 Stuart McNay
David Hughes


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions (1)(2) Michael McPhail
George Norton
Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions Sarah Beard
Men’s 10m Air Rifle Dempster Christenson
Women’s 10m Air Rifle Minden Miles
Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle Eligible to Compete
Women’s 25m Pistol Alexis Lagan
Men’s 10m Air Pistol James Hall
Women’s Trap Kayle Browning
Men’s Skeet (1)(2) Vincent Hancock
Frank Thompson
Women’s Skeet Caitlin Connor
Kimberly Rhode