Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago made its first Summer Olympic appearance in 1948 and has competed ever since, with the exception of 1960 where it and other Caribbean nations competed as the British West Indies. The nation sends a medium size team with at least 25 athletes competing at the previous three Olympics. The athletes generally compete in athletics, cycling, sailing, shooting, swimming and historically in weightlifting.

Trinidad and Tobago won its first medal in 1948. In total, the nation has won 19 medals across 3 sports; 15 in athletics, 3 in weightlifting and 1 in swimming. The most successful athlete is sprinter Ato Boldon whom won four medals. In 1996 he won two bronze medals in the men’s 100m and 200m and in 2000 he won a silver in the 100m and bronze in the 200m race. In 2016 Trinidad and Tobago won a single medal.

Qualified Quotas


Men’s Events

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s 200m Kyle Greaux
Jereem Richards
Men’s Long Jump Andwuelle Wright
Men’s Javelin Throw Keshorn Walcott

Women’s Events

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s 100m Kelly-Ann Baptiste