Mexico made its first Summer Olympic appearance in 1900. They would not return until 1924 where they competed in all subsequent Olympics games. The nation hosted the 1964 Olympics in Mexico City. Mexico has recently sent a large delegation to the Olympics with around 100 athletes competing since 1984. The athletes tend to compete in most individual sports with some team sports also represented.

Mexico won its first Olympic medal in 1900 and has won at least one medal in all games it has participated with the exceptions of 1924 and 1928. In total Mexico has won 69 medals across 15 sports including the defunct sport of polo. The most successful sports include aquatics (16 with 14 in diving and 2 in swimming), boxing (13), athletics (11), equestrian (7) and taekwondo (7). The most successful athlete is diver Joaquin Capilla where he won four medals across three Olympics. He won gold (1956), silver (1952) and bronze (1948) in the men’s 10m platform and a bronze (1956) on the 3m springboard. In 2016 Mexico won five medals.

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Men’s Trap Jorge Orozco