Honduras made its first Summer Olympic appearance in 1968. They would miss the next Olympics and return in 1976. In 1980 they participated in the United States led boycott. After competing in 1984 the nation has appeared in all subsequent Olympics. The Honduras team size varies depending on whether or not the football team qualifies. Other sports Honduras typically competes in are athletics, boxing, judo and swimming. The nation has yet to win its first medal.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s Tournament Alex Guity
Denil Maldonado
Wesly Decas
Carlos Melendez
Cristopher Melendez
Jonathan Nunez
Alejandro Reyes
Edwin Rodriguez
Juan Carlos Obregon
Rigoberto Rivas
Darixon Vuelto
Michael Perello
Luis Palma
Joseph Rosales
Kervin Arriaga
Jose Antonio Garcia
Jose Pinto
Enrique Facusse
Douglas Martinez
Carlos Argueta