Cuba made its first Summer Olympic appearance in 1900. Afterwards their participation was initially sparse where they participated at the 1904, 1924 and 1928 games. After competing at the 1948 Olympics Cuba would participate in all subsequent Olympics with the exceptions of 1984 and 1988 where they participated in boycotts led by the Soviet Union and North Korea respectively. Cuba sends a large delegation of athletes to the Olympics with over 100 athletes appearing at each games since 1968. The nation competes in a variety of sports, though sends a large group in athletics, boxing, judo and wrestling.

Cuba won its first Olympic medal at the 1900 Olympics and has won at least one medal since 1964. In total the nation has won 219 medals in 15 sports, including the reintroduced sport of baseball. Cuba ranks third in Pan America for most medals. Their most successful sports include boxing (73), athletics (40), judo (36) and wrestling (24). In team sports Cuba was quite successful in baseball, winning five medals. Cuba’s most successful summer athlete is fencer Ramon Fonst. In 1900 Fonst was able to win gold in men’s epee and silver in men’s amateurs-masters epee. At the 1904 games Fonst defended his gold in epee and won a second gold in men’s foil. His third gold was in the men’s epee team event. In 2016 Cuba won 11 medals with six of them being in boxing.

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Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Leuris Pupo