Chile made its first Summer Olympic appearance during the inaugural games in 1896 though this is disputed by some historians. The nation would return to the Olympics in 1912 and compete at every subsequent games with the exception of 1932 and 1980 where it participated in the United States led boycott. Chile usually sends a few dozen athletes to each games where they compete in various of sports, most commonly in athletics, boxing, cycling and shooting.

Chile won its first medal at the 1928 Olympics where Manuel Plaza won silver in the men’s marathon. In total the nation has won 13 medals in six sports; tennis (4), boxing (3), athletics (2), equestrian (2), football (1) and shooting (1). Their most successful summer athlete is tennis player Fernando Gonzalez (medals in 2004-2008) whom won three medals; a gold in men’s doubles in 2004 and a silver and bronze in men’s singles. In 2016 Chile failed to win a medal.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s Skeet Francisca Crovetto


Women’s Events

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s 1500m Freestyle Kristel Kobrich