Argentina made its Summer Olympic debut in 1900 and appeared at most subsequent games with the exceptions of 1904, 1912 and the United States led boycott of 1980. By sending over 100 athletes since 1996 Argentina usually has one of the largest delegations at the games. These athletes compete in a wide variety of sports, including in a diverse set of team sports that rivals even the largest and most successful nations.

Among Pan American nations Argentina is one of the most successful, winning a total of 74 medals. This was done across 17 current sports and the discontinued polo. Their first medal was won in 1924 and they continued to medal at each Olympics they participated in with the exception of 1976 and 1984. With 24 medals, boxing is their most successful sport; however, most of those medals were won during the early days of Argentina’s Olympic experience. Since 1968 the nation has only won a single medal in the sport. Sailing is a more recent successful sport where the nation won eight of its ten medals since 1996. Argentina’s has also enjoyed recent success in team sports where they medaled ten times in basketball, field hockey and football since 1996. The most successful Argentine athletes are sailor Carlos Espínola with two silvers and two bronzes (1996-2008) and field hockey player Luciana Aymar with two silvers and two bronzes (2000-2012).

Qualified Quotas

Rugby Sevens

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s Tournament Felipe Del Mestre
Luciano Gonzalez
Matias Osadczuk
Lautaro Bazan Velez
Santiago Alvarez
Francisco Ulloa
Santiago Mare
Tomas Vanni
Gaston Revol
Maximo Provenzano
German Schulz
Fernando Luna
Franco Sabato


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s Laser Francisco Guaragna
Men’s Finn Facundo Olezza
Mixed Nacra 17 Foiling Santiago Lange
Cecilia Carranza Saroli


Women’s Events

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s 400m Freestyle Delfina Pignatiello
Women’s 800m Freestyle Delfina Pignatiello
Women’s 1500m Freestyle Delfina Pignatiello
Women’s 200m Breaststroke Julia Sebastian