Switzerland made its first Summer Olympic appearance at the inaugural 1896 Olympics and has competed ever since. The nation sends a large delegation with around 100 athletes competing at each Olympics whom compete in various sports with popular ones including athletics, cycling, equestrian, gymnastics and rowing.

Switzerland has medaled at every Olympics with the exceptions of 1908 and 1912. In total, the nation has won 192 medals across 18 sports. The most successful sports include gymnastics (49), rowing (24), equestrian (23), shooting (21) and cycling (19). The most successful athletes are gymnasts Eugen Mack and Georges Miez whom both won eight medals. At the 1928 games Mack won two gold (team all-around and vault) and one bronze (horizontal bar) medal and in 1932 he won four silvers (individual all-around, team all-around, vault and pommel horse) and one bronze (floor exercise) medal. Miez won his medals across four Olympics; in 1924 he won one bronze (team all-around) medal, in 1928 he won three gold (individual all-around, team all-around and horizontal bar) and one silver (pommel horse) medal, in 1932 he won one silver (floor exercise) medal and in 1936 he won one gold (floor exercise) and one silver (team all-around) medal. In 2016 Switzerland won seven medals.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Individual Jumping From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Jumping Werner Muff
Horse: Daimler
Janika Sprunger
Horse: Bacardi VDL
Martin Fuchs
Horse: Clooney
Steve Guerdat
Horse: Bianca


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s Laser Radial Maud Jayet
Men’s 49er Sebastien Schneiter
Lucien Cujean