Serbia made its first Summer Olympic appearance in 1912. They would then merge with other nations and compete as Yugoslavia (initially, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes) and after the break-up, Serbia and Montenegro. Serbia would compete again as a separate, independent nation in 2008 and has competed ever since. The nation sends a large delegation with around 100 athletes competing at each Olympics since 2008. The athletes compete in various sports including athletics, canoeing, shooting, volleyball and water polo.

As a single, independent nation Serbia has won a total of 15 medals across 9 sports. The most successful sports include aquatics (4 with 1 in swimming and 3 in water polo), basketball (2), shooting (2) and taekwondo (2). The most successful athletes are water polo players Filip Filipovic, Zivko Gocic, Dusko Pijetlovic and Andrija Prlainovic whom won three medals in the men’s water polo tournament at the 2008 (bronze), 2012 (bronze) and 2016 (gold) Olympics. In 2016 Serbia won eight medals, its best ever performance as a single, independent nation.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s 10m Air Pistol Damir Mikec
Women’s 10m Air Pistol Zorana Arunovic
Mixed Team 10m Air Pistol Eligible to compete


Men’s Events

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s 100m Breaststroke Caba Siladi
Men’s 100m Butterfly Sebastian Sabo