Ireland made its first Summer Olympic appearance in 1924 and has competed ever since, with the exception of the 1932 Olympics. The nation sends a medium sized delegation of typically over 50 athletes to each Olympics. The athletes compete in a variety of sports with the most common being athletics, boxing, equestrian and sailing.

Ireland won its first medal in 1928 and has won a total of 31 across six sports. The most successful sports are boxing (16), athletics (7) and swimming (4). Ireland’s most successful athlete is swimmer Michelle Smith whom won four medals at the 1996 Olympics. She won three gold medals in women’s 400m freestyle, 200m individual medley and 400m individual medley and one bronze in women’s 200m butterfly. In 2016 Ireland won 2 medals.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Individual Eventing From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Eventing Padraig McCarthy
Horse: Mr Chunky
Sarah Ennis
Horse: Horseware Stellor Rebound
Sam Watson
Horse: Horseware Ardagh Highlight
Cathal Daniels
Horse: Rioghan Rua


Men’s Events

Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s 100m Backstroke Shane Ryan