Germany made its first Summer Olympic appearance at the inaugural games in 1896. The nation did not participate in 1920, 1924 and 1948 due to being banned for its role in World War I and World War II. In 1952 Germany returned, but only athletes from West Germany competed (athletes from Saar competed separately). The International Olympic Committee recognizes the United Team of Germany (1956-1964), West Germany (1968-1988) and East Germany (1968-1988) to be separate entities. Germany would return after reunification at the 1992 Olympics and have competed ever since. The nation sends one of the largest delegations with over 375 athletes competing at each Olympics since 1992.

Germany has medaled at every Olympics it has participated in and has finished in the top 10, including first in 1936 at almost all games. In total the nation has won over 600 medals with the most successful sports being athletics, canoeing, swimming, equestrian and rowing. The most successful athletes are swimmer Franziska van Almsick (medals in 1992-2004) and equestrian Isabell Werth (medals in 1992-2000, 2012 & 2016) with both winning 10 medals each. Almsick won four silver and six bronze medals in women’s 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x200m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay. Werth won six gold and four silver medals in individual dressage and team dressage. Canoeist Brigit Fischer won 12 medals though four of them were won when she competed for East Germany. In 2016 Germany won 42 medals.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Individual Dressage From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Dressage Jessica von Bredow-Werndl
Horse: TSF Dalera BB
Dorothee Schneider
Horse: Sammy Davis Jr.
Sonke Rothenberger
Horse: Cosmo
Isabell Werth
Horse: Bella Rose
Individual Eventing From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Eventing Ingrid Klimke
Horse: SAP Hale Bob OLD
Andreas Dibowski
Horse: FRH Corrida
Kai Ruder
Horse: Colani Sunrise
Julia Krajewski
Horse: Chipmunk FRH
Individual Jumping From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Jumping Simone Blum
Horse: DSP Alice
Laura Klaohake
Horse: Catch Me If You Can OLD
Maurice Tebbel
Horse: Don Diarado
Marcus Ehning
Horse: Pret A Tout


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s Laser Philipp Buhl
Women’s Laser Radial Svenja Weger
Men’s 49er Tim Fischer
Fabian Graf


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions Isabella Straub
Women’s 25m Pistol Doreen Vennekamp