France made its first Summer Olympic appearance at the inaugural 1896 Games and has competed ever since though there is some dispute among historians on whether they participated in 1904. The nation has so far hosted two Summer Olympics, in 1900 and 1924, both held in Paris. France sends one of the largest delegations to the Olympics with over 200 athletes competing at each games since 1984 where they compete in almost all sports listed in the schedule.

With the exception of 1900 France has won at least one medal at all Olympics. France typically finishes in the top 10 at most Olympics. The total medals won are disputed among historians, but the International Olympic Committee has 734 listed for France. The discrepancies are mostly about the nationality of medal winners during the early games (particularly in 1904). The most successful sports are fencing, cycling, athletics, judo, swimming and sailing. France’s most successful summer athletes are fencers Philippe Cattiau (medals in 1920-1936) and Roger Ducret (medals in 1920-1928). Both athletes won three golds, four silvers and one bronze. In 2016 France won 42 medals.

Qualified Quotas


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Individual Eventing From Team Quota
From Team Quota
From Team Quota
Team Eventing Thibaut Vallette
Horse: Qing du Briot ENE HN
Maxime Livio
Horse: Opium de Verrieres
Sidney Dufresne
Horse: Tresor Mail
Donatien Schauly
Horse: Pivoine des Touches


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Women’s Tournament Camille Ayglon
Pauline Coatanea
Siraba Dembele Pavlovic
Beatrice Edwige
Laura Flippes
Pauletta Foppa
Laura Glauser
Manon Houette
Orlane Kanor
Alexandra Lacrabere
Amandine Leynaud
Astride N’Gouan
Gnonsiane Niombla
Estelle Nze Minko
Allison Pineau
Grâce Zaadi


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s RS:X Louis Giard
Women’s RS:X Charline Picon
Men’s Laser Jean Baptiste Bernaz
Women’s Laser Radial Mathilde de Kerangat
Men’s 470 Kevin Peponnet
Jeremie Mion
Women’s 470 Camille Lecointre
Aloise Retornaz
Men’s 49er Mathieu Frei
Noe Delpech


Event Qualifying Athletes Selected Athletes
Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Jean Quiquampoix
Men’s Skeet Emmanuel Petit