Modern Pentathlon: Marosi and Prokopenko Claim Individual Gold at the 2021 World Championships

Marosi and Prokopenko are now atop the modern pentathlon world after winning gold at the 2021 Modern Pentathlon World Championships. The three medalists are also granted an opportunity to be selected for the Olympics. The World Championships is currently being held in Cairo, Egypt from June 7th to June 14th 2021.

In the women’s final, Belarus’ Anastasiya Prokopenko won the fencing portion with 24 wins while France’s Elodie Clouvel won the swimming portion with a time of 2:09.48. However, it was Hungary’s Michelle Gulyas whom led the field after those two events. Germany’s Janine Kohlmann won the riding portion by claiming all 300 points which allowed her to move into fourth position. Going into the laser-run portion Gulyas held a six-point lead over Clouvel.

Despite a 35th and 30th place finish in the swimming and riding portions respectively, Prokopenko strung an exceptional laser-run where she moved from 16th all the way to the gold medal position as she completed the course in 11:59.80 and a total score of 1353 points. As Belarus already qualified two other athletes, the nation must now choose which two athletes will compete at the Olympics, the unused quota will be reallocated to the World Olympic Rankings. The silver was won by Clouvel (1341) while Gulyas won bronze (1339).

For the men’s final, the fencing portion was won by Russia’s Alexander Lifanov (27 wins) while Austria’s Gustav Gustenau won the swimming portion with a time of 2:00.48. The overall leader after two stages was Hungary’s Adam Marosi. Marosi would maintain the lead after the riding portion by completing the course without any penalty. The Laser-run portion was won by Egypt’s Ahmed Elgendy whom began the race in 18th place, but with a time of 11:16.90, he moved up to win the bronze medal (1417 points). Marosi was able to hold on to win the gold medal with a total score of 1435 while Lifanov won silver (1426 points).

As Lifanov has previously qualified from the European Championships, his quota won here has been reallocated to the next highest ranked athlete in the World Olympic Rankings. The remaining quotas for modern pentathlon will be decided through those rankings which should be confirmed tomorrow.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Egypt
* Hungary

Women’s Individual
* Belarus
* France
* Hungary