Modern Pentathlon: Final Reallocation Process Confirms Line-up for Olympics

The UIPM has revealed the final line-up for the modern pentathlon events. Previously, some nations had qualified more than two athletes in an event. After selecting which two athletes will compete those quotas were reallocated to the next highest ranked athletes on in the Olympic rankings, published on June 14th 2021. This in turn gave more nations more than two athletes to choose from which forced the reallocation process again.

Once everything was settled, six men and five women qualified to the Olympics. For the men the Olympic spots went to Spain’s Aleix Heredia, China’s Li Shuhuan, Latvia’s Pavels Svecvos, Mexico’s Alvaro Sandoval, Austria’s Gustav Gustenau and Duilio Corrillo. While Ireland’s Arthur Lanigan-O’ Keeffe had a high enough ranking to qualify, due to an injury he was forced to withdraw from the Olympics.

On the women’s side, the quotas were obtained by Germany’s Rebecca Langrehr, Japan’s Rene Shimazu, South Korea’s Kim Sun-woo, Egypt’s Amira Kandil and China’s Zhang Xiaonan.

According to the UIPM all the quotas have been confirmed so everything should be finalized barring a late injury.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Austria
* China
* Latvia
* Mexico
* Mexico
* Spain

Women’s Individual
* China
* Egypt
* Germany
* Japan
* South Korea

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