Modern Pentathlon: Belaud Reclaims Men’s Individual World Championship Title After Three Years

Belaud during the combined portion at the 2019 World Championships. (Photo by: Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne / Nuno Gonçalves)

Belaud won his second ever title in the men’s individual race at the 2019 Modern Pentathlon World Championships. The three medalists all qualified to the Olympics, provided that they haven’t done so already. The Modern Pentathlon World Championships is currently being held in Budapest, Hungary from September 1st to September 8th 2019.

The fencing portion, including the bonus round was won by South Korea’s Lee Ji-hun whom with 26 victories scored 258 points. Despite a poor 200m freestyle swim, Lee remained the leader, holding a 14-point lead over Great Britain’s Joseph Choong whom swam the fastest time of 1:55.19.

The cross country riding portion saw six athletes deliver a perfect run, including France’s Valentin Belaud whom moved into first place with a score of 843 points. This placed him two points ahead of Choong while Lee dropped to third place (834 points). The combined running and shooting portion was won by Martin Vlach of the Czech Republic whom completed the course in 10:46.28. The overall title was won by Belaud whom finished with a total of 1468 points. Choong maintained his silver medal position, out-sprinting South Korea’s Jun Woong-tae to finish with 1453 points.

As Joong already qualified via the World Cup Final the quota has been reallocated to the world rankings. The next qualifying event for the men’s individual will be the Asian/Oceania Championships.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* France
* South Korea

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