Modern Pentathlon: Asian Games Silver Medalist Lee Wins Gold at Asian/Oceania Championships

2018 Asian Games silver medalist Lee Ji-hun won men’s individual gold at the 2019 Asia/Oceania Modern Pentathlon Championships. In terms of Olympic qualification, the five highest ranked eligible athletes from different Asian nations and the highest ranked eligible athlete from Oceania qualified a place to compete at the games. The Asia/Oceania Modern Pentathlon Championships is currently being held in Wuhan, China from November 8th to November 20th 2019.

The fencing portion was won by South Korea’s Lee Ji-hun whom finished with 27 victories. The 200m freestyle swimming portion was won by China’s Han Jiahao whom finished with a time of 2:01.84. However, Lee remained in first and even grew his lead with his compatriot, Jung Jin-hwa 17 points behind. Both Lee and Australia’s Edward Fernon had a perfect cross-country riding portion. This gave Lee a huge 44 second head start over China’s Luo Shuai going into the combined running and shooting portion. While Luo would have the fastest time, finishing the course in 10:42.87 it wasn’t enough to catch Lee as he would win gold with a score of 1511. Luo won the silver medal while his compatriot Zhang Linbin won bronze with scores of 1501 and 1472 respectively. Along with Lee and Luo the other Asian quotas were won by Kazakhstan’s Pavel Ilyashenko, Japan’s Shohei Iwamoto and Uzbekistan’s Alexander Savkin. The Oceania quota was won by Fernon.

By winning a quota for Japan, the host quota will now be reallocated to the next highest ranked athlete in the World Rankings to be published on June 1st 2020. Unqualified athletes will have additional chances to qualify, with the next being the 2020 World Championships. Nations with greater than two athletes qualified will have to choose which athletes will compete.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Individual
* Australia
* China
* Japan
* Kazakhstan
* South Korea
* Uzbekistan

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