Karate: World Karate Federation Reveals Continental Quotas, Ten Nations Qualify

The World Karate Federation has confirmed the continental qualifiers for karate’s Olympic debut. In total, 6 men and 6 women qualified through this method. Asia, Europe and Oceania received two quotas (one man and one woman) while Africa and Pan America were given three. The eligible medalists of the European and Pan American Games were ranked based on their world rankings with the gold then silver medalists given priority. For Africa, Asia and Oceania the world rankings were used.

The quotas will be allocated in the following sequence Oceania, Africa (two quotas), Pan America (two quotas), Asia, Europe, Africa (third quota) and Pan America (third quota opposite gender of Africa). The highest ranked athlete from that continent will qualify in their respective events up to a maximum of two continental quotas per event. Once the event reaches the maximum, athletes will no longer be eligible to qualify and thus the next highest ranked athlete in a different event will qualify.

Egypt and Kazakhstan were able to qualify two athletes with Egypt’s Radwa Sayed qualifying in the women’s -55kg and Abdalla Abdelaziz qualifying in the men’s -75kg. For Kazakhstan, it was Daniyar Yuldashev qualifying in the men’s +75kg and Sofya Berultseva qualifying in the women’s +75kg. Africa’s third quota was obtained by Algeria’s Lamya Matoub (women’s +61kg).

The Oceania quotas went to Australia’s Tsuneari Yahiro (men’s -75kg) and New Zealand’s Alexandra Anacan (women’s kata), the Pan American quotas went to Venezuela’s Andres Madera (men’s -67kg), Peru’s Alexandra Grande (women’s -61kg) and the United States’ Brian Irr (men’s +75kg) and the European quotas were won by Austria’s Bettina Plank (women’s -55kg) and Latvia’s Kalvis Kalnins (men’s -67kg).

Four more quotas remain with two in men’s kata, one in women’s kata and one in women’s -61kg. These quotas are reserved for the tripartite commission. Should the tripartite commission not award these quotas they will be reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible athlete on the Olympic Standings.

Qualified Nations

Men’s Kata
* None allocated

Women’s Kata
* New Zealand

Men’s -67kg
* Latvia
* Venezuela

Women’s -55kg
* Austria
* Egypt

Men’s -75kg
* Australia
* Egypt

Women’s -61kg
* Peru

Men’s +75kg
* Kazakhstan
* United States

Women’s +61g
* Algeria
* Kazakhstan

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