Judo: New Zealand National Performance Requirements

With us entering a relatively quite period of time where Olympic qualification events are rare, we look at additional standards imposed by nations on their athletes and the selection trials other nations will hold to select which athletes will represent them. Today we explore New Zealand’s national performance requirements in judo.

Should an athlete qualify in judo through the International Judo Federation’s qualification requirements, New Zealand athletes will also need to demonstrate that they are capable of finishing within the top 16 in the event along with the potential of finishing within the top 8.

Athletes can show proof that they are capable of reaching this standard through performances at various events between May 25th 2018 and May 24th 2020. The three ways of showing this are…

1) Finish within the top 16 at the Senior World Championships, World Masters or at a Grand Slam Event, provided that the athlete has won at least one fight.

2) Finish within the top 8 at any IJF Grand Prix event, provided that the athlete has won at least one fight.

3) Defeat an opponent in a sanctioned IJF event who at any time during the qualification period was ranked in the top 32 (maximum of one athlete per nation) on the World Ranking List. Results against athletes from Oceania do not count unless it is demonstrated that the quality of opponent is similar to that of athletes from non-Oceania nations.

Overall, the additional rules are not too strict for high level competitors, but it may prevent someone whom qualified through the continental quota from being nominated to compete as they have to demonstrate their ability against non-Oceania opponents.

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