Handball: South Korea Goes Undefeated to Win Women’s Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament

South Korea displayed their regional dominance by going undefeated the 2019 Asian Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament. By winning, the nation has qualified to the Olympics. In total, six nations competed in a round robin tournament. The Asian Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Chuzhou, China from September 23rd to September 29th 2019.

The first upset occurred on the second day of competition where North Korea defeated China 25-22. North Korea however, could not repeat their success against Kazakhstan as the nation lost 24-22. China would regroup from their loss to North Korea and defeated Kazakhstan 26-19 on the fourth day of matches to set up a qualification match against undefeated South Korea on the final day of competition. South Korea would come out strong against China, taking a 17-8 lead at halftime to win the match, the tournament and a spot at the Olympics 32-20. China finished second overall while North Korea finished third.

South Korea has maintained its Olympic qualification streak, held since 1984. The nation will be hoping to win its seventh Olympic medal. Currently, China will have a second opportunity to qualify at the final qualification tournament though depending on the results of the World Championships North Korea may also have a second chance. In addition, China, Kazakhstan and South Korea could still qualify through the World Championships as that tournament holds a higher priority over the continental qualifiers.

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